“When am I ever going to use this?”


How many times have you heard or said that statement? Exactly. We have all been there said that. It is a fair question. So I am creating this blog to answer all the confusion you and your future students might have.

Math, a four letter word that you either love or hate. For myself it was a four letter word I grew to hate throughout high school and then that same hate carried over to college. UNTIL, I realized the importance of it. The frequent saying that I myself have said or heard other students say is “when am I ever going to use this?” It’s a fair question. When are you ever going to use the formula y= mx +b? or when are you going to have to multiply fractions together? When am I ever going to need math? Those are just some of the thoughts that went on through my head when I was sitting in my high school math class becoming frustrated because I could barely pass. Barely passing that is because I lacked effort.

It wasn’t until I came to college that that question I had sitting in my pre-algebra class was answered. I NEED MATH. I need it because I AM GOING TO TEACH IT, that is when I will be using it.  Yeah yeah yeah… I know you’re reading this thinking “well I’m not going to be teaching it!” Well, sorry to burst your bubble but you do use it in your everyday life and throughout this blog you will discover just that.


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